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Thread: Good but gone...

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    Default Good but gone...

    This is a very long list, and if its too long just delete it, but alot of stuff on here brings back some good memories! Everything on here has been discontinued. ALot of stuff I didnt even know was gone.

    10:30 Candy Bar
    1-2-3 Jello
    A & W Root Beer Gum
    Abba-Zaba Chocolate
    Act II Half Pops
    Act II White Cheddar Microwave Popcorn
    Adams Sour Apple/Sour Orange Gum
    Alba Dairy Double Dutch Drink Mix
    Almost Home Cookies
    American Beauty Dumplets Dinner
    American Beauty Spaghetti Sauce Mix
    Amos & Andy Bar (Williamson)
    Animals Bar
    Apollo Candy
    Apple Slice Soda
    Archway Fudge Sandwich Cookies
    Archway Peanut Jumble Cookies
    Aspen Soda
    Astro Pops, Original
    Aunt Wick's Root Beer Drink Mix
    Avon Comfort Scents Stonewash Blue
    Axion Laundry Detergent
    A-Z Big Sucker (Spangler)
    B&M Yellow Eye Beans
    Bacardi Breezers
    Baffle Bar
    Banana Beichs
    Banana Flavored Quik Powder
    Barq’s Grape Soda
    Barrelhead Root Beer
    Beech-Nut Spearmint and Wintergreen Gum
    Belly Buddies
    Betty Crocker Boston Cream Pie Mix
    Betty Crocker Butter Brickle Cake and Frosting Mixes
    Betty Crocker Cherry Frosting Mix (boxed)
    Betty Crocker Chiffon Cake Mix
    Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cake Mix
    Betty Crocker Chocolate Coconut Bundt Cake Mix
    Betty Crocker Coconut Pecan Frosting Mix
    Betty Crocker Cream Puff Mix
    Betty Crocker Date Bar Mix
    Betty Crocker Fruit & Crunch
    Betty Crocker Fruit String Thing
    Betty Crocker German Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge Frosting Mixes
    Betty Crocker International Noodles Mixes
    Betty Crocker Lemon Custard Angel Food Cake Mix
    Betty Crocker Meringue Mix
    Betty Crocker MicroRave Cake Mixes
    Betty Crocker Pudding Cake Mix
    Betty Crocker Pudding Roll-Up
    Betty Crocker Raspberry Bar Mix
    Betty Crocker Superfudge Cake Mix - Banana
    Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Snack Bars
    Betty Crocker Toffee Brownie Mix
    Betty Crocker Truffle Brownie Mix
    Big Batch Cookie Mixes
    Big Buddy Bubble Gum
    Big League Plug
    Big Mouth Sucker
    Big Wad Bubble Gum
    Bisquick Bread Mix
    Bit-o-Coconut Bar (Schutter)
    Bit-o-Licorice Candy
    Bitty Bombs Candy
    Black Cow Sucker
    Black Walnut Satin Candy
    Blammo Bubble Gum
    Bleeps Blips Sour Candy
    Blue Ridge Cream Soda
    Bob's Assorted Fruit Sticks
    Body Buddies Cereal
    Bolster Bar
    Bonkers Fruit Chews
    Bonne Bell Soda flavored lipsticks
    Bonomo Turkish Taffy -- Try French Chewy Chewy Taffy (see Candy aisle)
    Borden Thin Mints
    Brach's Broomsticks
    Brach's Butter Mints
    Brach's Cherry Twister Candy
    Brach's Chocolate Covered Cherries
    Brach's Chocolate Covered Orange Sticks
    Brach's Dutchies
    Brach's French Creams
    Brach's Gum Drops
    Brach's Nonpariels
    Brach's Speckled Easter Eggs
    Brach's Spiced Jelly Beans
    Brach's Strawberry Licorice
    Brach's Thin Mints
    Brach's Watermelon Sparkles
    Broadcast Chili
    Bubble Yum, Strawberry/Banana, Spearmint and Tropical Punch
    Bubbles Candy
    Bubblicious Banana, Chocolate Mint, Orange and Raspberry flavors
    Bubblicious Cherry Cola flavor
    Buck Private Candy Bar
    Budwine Soda
    Bugles, Baked Cheddar Cheese
    Bunch o' Nuts! Bar (Boyer)
    Butoni Toaster Pizza
    Butternut Candy Bar
    Buttons and Bows
    C.W. Post Cereal
    Cadbury Shortcake
    Cain's Mustard Pickle
    Campbell's Baked Ramen Noodles
    Campbell's Chunky Chili Beef Soup
    Campbell's Chunky Lentil Soup
    Campbell's Chunky Noodles & Mushrooms
    Campbell's Cream of Chicken Dijon Soup
    Campbell's Cream of Vegetable Soup
    Campbell's Franks and Beans
    Campbell's Gazpacho Soup
    Campbell's Golden Corn Soup
    Campbell's Italian Tomato Soup
    Campbell's Mediterranean Vegetable Soup
    Campbell's Noodle and Ground Beef Soup
    Campbell's Simply Home Soups (glass jars)
    Campbell's Soup for One
    Campbell's Swiss Cheese Soup
    Campbell's Tomato Beef Noodle-O's
    Campbell's Turkey Vegetable Soup
    Campbell's V-8 Island Blend Splash
    Campbell's Wonton Soup
    Campfire Marshmallows in a Box
    Canada Dry Birch Beer
    Canada Dry Golden Ginger Ale
    Candy Lipstick, foil wrapped
    Cap'n Crunch, Vanilla
    Carefree Cinnamon Gum
    Carefree Wild Cherry Gum
    Carnation Breakfast Bars/Breakfast Squares
    Carnation Slender Bars
    Celestial Seasons Bavarian Chocolate Orange Tea
    Certs, Cherry
    Champion Bar (Spangler)
    Charms Pops - Sweet & Sour Mix
    Cheez Whiz Jalapeno
    Cheez-Its, Low Sodium
    Chef Boyardee Chicken Parmesan
    Chef Boyardee Meatball Stew
    Chef Boyardee Pizza in a Skillet
    Chef Boyardee Roller Coasters
    Chef Boyardee Spaghetti Sauce w/Mushrooms
    Cherry Hump
    Cherry Its candy
    Chewy Chalk
    Chex Morning Mix
    Chex Morning Mix
    Chicken Dinner Candy Bar
    Chocolate Cow
    Chocolate Soldier
    Chocolite Candy Bar
    Choc-o-Nuts Bar (Williamson)
    Choo Choo Salted Nut Roll
    Chuck Wagon Candy Bar
    Chum Gum
    Chupa Chups Fantasy Ball
    Cinnamon Beauties, Sugar Free Hard candies
    Clorets Breath Mints
    Clorets Wintergreen Gum
    Coco Oats
    Coconut Grove Candy Bar
    Cocowheats (individual packets)
    Coffee Dan Candy Bar
    Coke II
    College Inn Chicken Noodle Dinner
    College Inn Chicken Noodle Soup
    Combos -- Peanut Butter
    Comstock Rice Pudding
    Connoisseur Mushroom Sauce
    Cool Whip, Chocolate
    Cracker Jack Cereal
    Cream of Wheat Hot Cereal - Banana flavor
    Cream of Wheat Hot Chocolate cereal
    Crush soda, Cherry
    Crystal Light, Lemon-Lime
    Dark Clark Bars
    Del Monte Canned Figs, Plums
    Del Monte Tomato Herrings
    Delfa Rolls (Danish Ribbons)
    Delicia Candy Bar
    Delpha Roll Danish Ribbons
    Dentyne Ice, Cinnamon Gum
    Dentyne Sugar Free
    Denver Sandwich Candy Bar
    Diet Rite soda, Chocolate, Pink Grapefruit
    Dinty Moore Meatballs and Gravy
    Dinty Moore Vegetable Stew
    Doggie Man Bubble Gum
    Dole Pineapple Sauce
    Domino Confectioner's Sugar - Chocolate, Lemon & Strawberry
    Domino Liquid Brown Sugar
    Doritos Cheddar Queso Flavor Chips
    Doritos Extreme Bold BBQ
    Doritos Montery Jack flavor
    Doritos Original Taco Flavor Chips
    Doritos Sour Cream & Onion flavor
    Doritos Zesty Salsa flavor
    Double Dip Crunch Cereal
    Dr. Pepper Gum
    Dromedary Corn Muffin Mix
    Dromedary Date Nut Roll
    Dromedary Dates
    Dromedary Fudge/Frosting Mix
    Dromedary Scone Mix
    Duncan Hines Blondie Brownie Mix
    Duncan Hines Bran Muffin and Carrot Nut Muffin Mixes
    Duncan Hines Burnt Sugar Cake Mix
    Duncan Hines Butterscotch Cake Mix
    Duncan Hines Cherry Chip Cake Mix
    Duncan Hines Cherry Supreme Cake Mix
    Duncan Hines Dirt Cups w/Gummi worms
    Duncan Hines Fruit Crisp - Berry
    Duncan Hines Fudge Mocha Cake Mix
    Duncan Hines German Chocolate Frosting
    Duncan Hines Kellogg's All-Bran Muffin Mix
    Duncan Hines Mississippi Mud Brownie Mix
    Duncan Hines Peach flavored Cake Mix
    Duncan Hines Peanut Butter Brownie Mix
    Duncan Hines Raspberry Cake & Frosting Mixes
    Duncan Hines Snack Express Kits
    Duncan Hines Soft Baked Cookies
    Duncan Hines Sour Cream Chocolate Cake & Frosting Mixes
    Duncan Hines Tiara Dessert Mix
    Duncan Hines Wild Cherry Vanilla Cake Mix
    Duncan Hines Wild Cherry Vanilla Cake Mix
    Durkee Roasting Bag, Fish w/Lemon
    Eagle Brand Chocolate Condensed Milk
    Eagle Snacks
    Eggo Toaster Delights - Blueberry, Cinnamon, Strawberry
    Face Slammers Sour Gum
    Fan Tan Gum
    Farley Chocobuttons
    FFV Snow Drop Cookies
    Fiddle Faddle w/Skippy Peanut
    Figurine Diet Bar
    Fizzy Faces Candy
    Flako Baking Products
    Flamin' Hot Funyuns
    Fluffernutter Bar (Boyer)
    Fluffo Shortening
    Fortune Bubble Gum
    Franco American Spaghetti Sauce
    Franco-American Macaroni and Cheese
    Franco-American Onion Gravy
    Freakies Cereal
    Freedent gum - Cinnamon
    French's Good Luck Pudding
    French's Instant Potato Mix
    French's Italian Meatball Mix
    French's Mustard w/Onions
    Fritos - Buffalo Wild Wings & Ranch
    Fritos - Jalapeno Flavored
    Fritos - Wild & Mild Ranch Flavored
    Frosted Rice Chex
    Fruit Bombs
    Fruit Cocktail Imperials (Ferrara Pan)
    Fruit Face Candy
    Fruit Roll Ups - Raspberry, Apple, Apple/Cinnamon
    Fruit Wrinkles Fruit Snacks
    Fruit-a-Burst Gum
    Fudge Tootsie Rolls
    Fudgetown Cookies
    G. Washington Onion and Vegetable Broths
    Gatorade Gum
    Gems Candy
    General Foods International Coffees - Double Dutch Chocolate
    General Foods International Teas
    General Mills Body Buddies Cereal
    General Mills Buck Wheats Cereal
    General Mills Chippos
    General Mills Clackers Cereal
    General Mills Crazy Cow Cereal
    General Mills Crispy Critters Cereal
    General Mills Crispy Wheats & Raisins
    General Mills Dino Pebbles Cereal
    General Mills Double Chex and Graham Chex Cereal
    General Mills Fingos
    General Mills Fruit Brute Cereal
    General Mills Ice Cream Cone Cereal
    General Mills Oat Chex
    General Mills Oatmeal Swirlers
    General Mills Pink Panther Flakes
    General Mills S'Mores Graham Cereal
    General Mills Smurf Berry Cereal
    General Mills Sugar Jets Cereal
    General Mills Sun Crunchers
    General Mills Wheat Hearts Cereal
    General Mills Wheat Stax Cereal
    General Mills Whistles & Daisies
    General Mills Yummy Mummy Cereal
    Gephardt Barbecue Sauce, Chili Sauce
    Gerber Baby Formula
    Gerber Frosted Animal Cookies
    Ghirardellis Flicks
    Go Ahead Bar
    Goetze's Cow Tale - Caramel Apple
    Goetze's Licorice Caramel Cream
    Golden Grain Marinara Sauce
    Golden Harvest Bar (Schutter)
    Good 'n Fruity
    Good Seasons Honey French Dressing
    Good Seasons Honey Mustard Dressing Mix
    Good Seasons Old Fashioned French Dressing
    Good Seasons Old Fashioned French Salad Dressing Mix
    Good Seasons Reduced Fat Zesty Italian Dressing
    Graham Cracker Crumbs
    Grape Tang
    Green Giant Canned Corn on the Cob
    Greens of New Orleans Seafood Gumbo
    Gulden's Diablo Mustard
    Gummy Smurfs
    Haagen-Daz Peanut Butter Burst
    Hallmark Beans
    Hamburger Helper - Beef Stew
    Hamburger Helper - Pizza Bake
    Hamburger Helper Wild Rice & Mushrooms
    Healthy Choice Tomato Garden
    Heide Lafayettes (Easy Aces)
    Heide Lafayettes (Easy Aces)
    Heinz Green Ketchup
    Heinz Hawaiian Barbecue Sauce
    Heinz Hot Ketchup
    Heinz Ketchup and Onions
    Heinz Mayonnaise
    Heinz Mustard Pickles
    Heinz Original Barbecue Sauce
    Heinz Salsa Ketchup
    Heinz Savory Sauce
    Heinz Soups (Food Service only)
    Heinz Sweet Mixed Pickles
    Heinz Yellow Mustard (Food Service only)
    Hellman's Big H Sauce
    Hellman's One Step Coleslaw, One Step Tuna Salad
    Henri's Creamy Garlic
    Henri's Smokey Bits Salad Dressing
    Henri's Southwestern Ranch Dressing
    Henri's Sweet & Sour Dressing
    Henri's Teriyaki Ginger Dressing
    Herbal Quincers
    Hershey's Aero Bar
    Hershey's Bar None Candy Bar
    Hershey's Classics Soft & Chewy
    Hershey's Cocoa Butter
    Hershey's Cookies 'n Mint Bar
    Hershey's Golden III Bar
    Hershey's Hugs w/Almonds
    Hershey's Kit Kat Dark
    Hershey's Ovation Mint Sticks
    Hershey's Rally Bar
    Hershey's Skor Baking Chips
    Hershey's Solitares
    Hershey's Tastetations
    Hershey's Vanilla Baking Chips
    Hi-C Peach
    Hickok's Honeycomb Chocolate Chips
    Hickory Farms Mixed Drink Candies
    Hidden Treasures Cereal
    Hidden Valley Blue Cheese
    Hidden Valley Fiesta Ranch Dip
    Hidden Valley Green Goddess Dressing
    Hidden Valley Kids Dressings (Pizza, Nacho, Taco)
    High Noon Candy Bar
    Hipolite Marshmallows
    Hollywood Bread
    Hollywood Candy Bar
    Homestyle Double Chocolate Chunk
    Hooton's Chocolate Bar
    Hormel Barbecue Sauce
    Hormel Great Beginnings
    Hormel Top Shelf Sauces
    Hostess Chocobliss
    Hostess Oat Bran Muffins
    Hostess O's
    Hostess Pudding Pies
    Hostess Tiger Tails (Strawberry Twinkies)
    Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum
    Hunt's Skillet Dinners
    Hunt's Small Red Beans
    Ice Cream Gum
    Ideal Bars/Cookies
    Ireland's Canned Barbecue
    Ivory Snow Soap, Flakes
    James River canned meat products
    Jello Apple Flavored Gelatin
    Jello Blackberry
    Jello Butter Pecan Pudding
    Jello Cheesecake, Blueberry Fruit topping
    Jello Chocolate Tapioca Pudding
    Jello Dutch Chocolate Pudding
    Jello Golden Egg Custard (reformulated)
    Jello Instant Butter Pecan Pudding
    Jello Instant Lemon Pie Filling
    Jello Instant Toasted Coconut Pudding
    Jello Orange Tapioca
    Jello Pineapple Cream Pudding Mix
    Jello Pudding Pops
    Jello Rich & Luscious Chocolate Mousse
    Jello Sugar-free Watermelon Gelatin
    Jesse's Caesar Salad Dressing
    Jif Smooth Sensations, all flavors
    Jiffy Caramel Frosting
    Jiffy Honey Date Muffin Mix
    Jiffy Pop Microwave Popcorn
    Jiffy Spice Cake Mix
    Jingles Candy
    Jitney Bar
    Joe Blo Bubble Gum
    Jolly Rancher Freezer Pops
    Jolly Rancher Fruit Flavored Gum
    Jolly Rancher Squares (foil-wrapped)
    Jolly Rancher Stix - Fire, Grape and Peach flavors
    Juicifuls - Orange
    Just Juicee Gum
    Kayo Soda
    KC Masterpiece Honey Dijon Barbecue Sauce
    Keebler 100’s Cookies
    Keebler Buttercup Cookies
    Keebler Cheez-It Sandwiches (Cheese and Peanut Butter)
    Keebler Cheez-Its – Big Cheez-Its Reduced Fat
    Keebler Cheez-Its – Chip Its
    Keebler Cheez-Its – Heads & Tails
    Keebler Cheez-Its – Low Sodium
    Keebler Cheez-Its – Nacho
    Keebler Cheez-Its – Nacho Party Mix
    Keebler Cheez-Its – Party Mix Reduced Fat
    Keebler Chip Deluxe – Bakery Crisp
    Keebler Chip Deluxe – Chocolate Chewy
    Keebler Chip Deluxe – Pecan Chocolate Chip
    Keebler Chip Deluxe – Reduced Fat Chips Deluxe
    Keebler Chipsies Cookies
    Keebler Classic Collection – Chocolate French Crème
    Keebler Classic Collection – French Vanilla Crème
    Keebler Classic Collection – Hearty Oatmeal
    Keebler Classic Collection – Plentiful Peanut Butter
    Keebler Classic Collection – Sparkling Sugar
    Keebler Classic Collection Chocolate Fudge Sandwich Cookies
    Keebler Club Crackers – Cheddar
    Keebler Club Crackers – Garlic
    Keebler Club Crackers – Wheat
    Keebler Clubettes
    Keebler Cookie Stix – Butter
    Keebler Cookie Stix – Chocolate Chip
    Keebler Cookie Stix – Peanut Butter
    Keebler Cookie Stix – Rainbow Sugar
    Keebler Cracker Sandwiches – Graham & Chocolate
    Keebler Cracker Sandwiches – Graham & Vanilla
    Keebler Cracker Sandwiches – Reduced Fat Toast and Peanut Butter
    Keebler Cracker Sandwiches – Rye & Swiss
    Keebler Cracker Sandwiches – Sesame & Blue Cheese
    Keebler Cracker Sandwiches – Townhouse & Cheddar
    Keebler Crackers – Butter flavored Thins
    Keebler Crackers – Chedo Cheese
    Keebler Crackers – French Onion
    Keebler Crackers – Harvest Wheats
    Keebler Crackers – Nacho Cheese
    Keebler Crackers – Pizza Bites
    Keebler Crackers – Savory Sesame & Poppyseed
    Keebler Crackers – Sea Toast
    Keebler Crackers – Sesame Sticks
    Keebler Crackers – Snacklin’ Cheddar
    Keebler Crackers – Sour Cream & Onion
    Keebler Crackers – Sun Toasted Wheats
    Keebler Crackers – Tany Cheese
    Keebler Crackers – Tuc Crackers
    Keebler Crackers – Waldorf Low Sodium
    Keebler Crackers – Wheat Crisps
    Keebler Crackers – Wheatbury Wheat Snacks
    Keebler E.L. Fudge – Chocolate Sandwich Cookies w/Vanilla Crème filling
    Keebler E.L. Fudge – Fudge Sandwich Cookies w/Peanut Butter Crème filling
    Keebler Elf Grahams – Cinnamon and Honey
    Keebler Elfin Delights – Apple
    Keebler Elfin Delights – Blueberry and Raspberry Fruitastic
    Keebler Elfin Delights – Chocolate Fudge
    Keebler Elfin Delights – Chocolate Vanilla
    Keebler Elfin Delights – Devils Food Chocolate
    Keebler Elfin Delights – Devils Food Vanilla
    Keebler Elfin Delights – Vanilla Sandwich Crème
    Keebler Elfin Loaves
    Keebler Fig Bars
    Keebler Fudge Crème Sandwich
    Keebler Fudge Shoppe – Brownies w/Chocolate Chips
    Keebler Fudge Shoppe – Fudge & Caramel
    Keebler Fudge Shoppe – Fudge Marshmallow
    Keebler Fudge Shoppe – PB Fudgebutter
    Keebler Fudge Shoppe – Reduced Fat Deluxe Graham
    Keebler Fudge Shoppe – S’mores
    Keebler Fudge Shoppe – Toffee Toppers
    Keebler Fudge Shoppe – Tuffles
    Keebler Ginger Snaps
    Keebler Golden Fruit – Apple Biscuits
    Keebler Golden Fruit – Apple Cinnamon Bars
    Keebler Golden Fruit – Cranberry Biscuits
    Keebler Golden Fruit – Fig Bars
    Keebler Golden Fruit – Raisin Biscuits
    Keebler Grahams – Apple Cinnamon
    Keebler Grahams – Honey Nut
    Keebler Grahams – Low Fat French Vanilla
    Keebler Grahams – Peanut Butter
    Keebler Grasshopper Chocolate Mint Sandwich
    Keebler Grasshopper Chocolaty Mint Sandwich
    Keebler Holiday Cookies – Gingerbread Elves
    Keebler Holiday Cookies – Holiday Deluxe Grahams
    Keebler Holiday Cookies – Vanilla Crème Classics
    Keebler Iced Raisin Bar Cookies
    Keebler Krisp Kreem Cookies
    Keebler Lemon Coolers
    Keebler Magic Middle Cookies
    Keebler Magic Middles – Chocolate Chip Cookies w/chocolaty middles
    Keebler Magic Middles – Mini Middles Cookies
    Keebler Magic Middles – Shortbread Cookies w/chocolaty middles
    Keebler Munch’ems – Chili Cheese
    Keebler Munch’ems – Mesquite BBQ
    Keebler Munch’ems – Nacho
    Keebler Munch’ems – Reduced Fat Sour Cream & Onion
    Keebler Munch’ems – Reduced Sodium
    Keebler Munch’ems – Salsa
    Keebler Munch’ems – Southwest Chili
    Keebler Munch’ems – Southwest Salsa
    Keebler Oatmeal Cremes Sandwich
    Keebler Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies
    Keebler Opera Creme Cookies
    Keebler Penguin Cookies
    Keebler Pitter Patter Cookies
    Keebler Reduced Fat Chocolate Wafer
    Keebler Rich 'n Chips
    Keebler Sandies – Praline Crème and Toffee
    Keebler Sea Toast
    Keebler Sesame Street Cookie Monster Cookies – Chocolate Chip
    Keebler Sesame Street Cookie Monster Cookies – Chocolate Sandwich
    Keebler Sesame Street Cookie Monster Cookies – Vanilla Bites
    Keebler Sesame Street Cookie Monster Cookies – Vanilla Sandwich
    Keebler Sesame Street Cookie Pals Cookies – Cinnamon
    Keebler Sesame Street Cookie Pals Cookies – Frosted & Honey Graham
    Keebler Sesame Street Tickles Crackers – Original
    Keebler Sesame Street Tickles Crackers – Toast & Cheese Cracker Sandwich
    Keebler Snackin’ Grahams – Chocolate
    Keebler Snackin’ Grahams – Cinnamon & Honey
    Keebler Snax Stix – Hearty Wheat
    Keebler Snax Stix – Seasoned Original
    Keebler Snax Stix – Zesty Cheddar
    Keebler Soft Batch – Chocolate Chip
    Keebler Soft Batch – Fudge Almond Coconut
    Keebler Soft Batch – Homestyle Double Chocolate Chunk
    Keebler Soft Batch – Homestyle Oatmeal Raisin
    Keebler Soft Batch – Mint Chocolate Chip
    Keebler Soft Batch – Oatmeal Raisin
    Keebler Soft Batch – Peanut Butter
    Keebler Soft Batch – Peanut Butter Fudge
    Keebler Soft Batch – Sugar
    Keebler Soft Batch – Walnut Chocolate Chip
    Keebler Stone Creek – Butter Thins
    Keebler Stone Creek – Cracked Wheat
    Keebler Stone Creek – Sour Dough
    Keebler Sugar Wafers – Chocolate
    Keebler Sugar Wafers – Chocolate and Lemon
    Keebler Sugar Wafers – Lemon
    Keebler Sweet Spots
    Keebler Swirly-Q’s
    Keebler Toasted Crackers – Bacon
    Keebler Toasted Crackers – Pumpernickel
    Keebler Toasted Crackers – Reduced Fat Buttercrisp
    Keebler Toasted Crackers – Reduced Fat Buttercrisp & Sesame
    Keebler Toasted Crackers – Rye
    Keebler Toasted Rye Crackers
    Keebler Townhouse Crackers – Cheddar
    Keebler Townhouse Crackers – Class
    Keebler Townhouse Crackers – Class and Wheat Jrs.
    Keebler Townhouse Crackers – Wheat Jrs.
    Keebler Vanilla Sandwich
    Keebler Vanilla Wafers
    Keebler Vienna Fingers – Chocolate
    Keebler Vienna Fingers – Lemon
    Keebler Vienna Fingers – Reduced Fat Chocolate
    Keebler Wheatables
    Keebler Wheatables – French Onion
    Keebler Wheatables – Garden Vegetable
    Keebler Wheatables – Ranch
    Keebler Wheatables – Ranch Low Fat
    Keebler Wheatables – Reduced Fat Onion
    Keebler Wheatables – Reduced Sodium
    Keebler Wheatables – Savory Original
    Keebler Wheatables – White Cheddar
    Keebler Wheatbury Wheat Snacks
    Keebler Zesta Crackers – Wheat
    Kellogg’s Country Inn Cereals
    Kellogg's 3CPO Cereal
    Kellogg's Apple Cinnamon Squares Mini Wheats
    Kelloggs Apple Raisin Crisp
    Kellogg's Bigg Mixx Cereal
    Kellogg's Bluleberry Squares Mini Wheats
    Kellogg's Breakfast Mates
    Kellogg's Cinnamon Mini Buns Cereal
    Kellogg's Cocoa Frosted Flakes
    Kellogg's Concentrate Cereal
    Kellogg's Corn Soya Cereal
    Kellogg's Crunchin' Rice Krispies
    Kellogg's Danish Go-Rounds
    Kellogg's Disney Buzz Blasts
    Kellogg's Frosted Bran Flakes
    Kellogg's Honey Frosted Mini Wheats
    Kellogg's Just Right Curnchy Nuggets
    Kellogg's Kenmei Rice Bran Cereal
    Kellogg's Krumbles Cereal
    Kellogg's Marshmallow Rice Krispies
    Kellogg's Mini-Wheats - Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry
    Kellogg's Mueslix Raisin & Almond Crunch w/Dates
    Kellogg's Nut 'n Honey Crunch
    Kellogg's Nutri Grain Almond Raisin Cereal
    Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Cereals
    Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Wheat Cereal
    Kellogg's Oatbake Cereal
    Kellogg's Pep Cereal
    Kellogg's Pop Tart Crunch Cereal
    Kellogg's Pop Tart Mini's
    Kellogg's Pop Tarts Pastry Swirls Cinnamon Creme
    Kellogg's Pop Tarts Snak-Stix - Frosted Berry, Frosted Strawberry
    Kellogg's Pop Tarts, Dutch Apple
    Kellogg's Pop-Tarts - Apple, Vanilla, Chocolate Peppermint, Graham Cracker
    Kellogg's Pop-Tarts - Unfrosted fat-free Cherry, Milk Chocolate,Blueberry
    Kellogg's Puffa Puffa Rice Cereal
    Kellogg's Razzle Dazzle Rice Krispies
    Kellogg's Rice Crispies - Apple Cinnamon flavor
    Kellogg's Scotcheroos Rice Crispie Treats
    Kellogg's Special K Plus
    Kellogg's Strawberry Pop Tart Cereal
    Kellogg's Temptations French Vanilla Cereal
    Kellogg's Toasted Brown Sugar Squares
    Kellogg's Unfrosted Cherry Poptarts
    Ken's Steakhouse Honey Mustard Vinagrette Dressing
    Kentucky Nip Beverage
    King Leo Clove and Vanilla Sticks
    Klein's Lunch Bar
    Knorr 3 Cheese & Broccoli Soup
    Knorr Beef Bourguignonne Sauce
    Knorr Bouillabaisse Seafood Recipe Mix
    Knorr Chardonnay Grilling & Basting Sauce
    Knorr Chicken Dijon
    Knorr Chili Caliente Dip
    Knorr Curry Sauce Mix
    Knorr Fruit Soup
    Knorr Gazpacho Soup Mix
    Knorr Hearty Minestrone Soup Mix
    Knorr Hunter Sauce Mix
    Knorr Meals in Cups
    Knorr Porcini Mushroom Soup
    Knorr Rice Side Dishes
    Knorr Skillet Potato Dishes
    Knorr Tastebreak Dinners (cup only)
    Knorr Tequila Lime and Tuscan Herb Marinades
    Kobe Steak Sauce
    Koo-Koos Candy
    Kool- Aid Island Twist, Kiwi Lime
    Kool-Aid Apple Flavor,Berry Blue Punch, Lime, Purplesaurus
    Kool-Aid Great Bludini, Mountain Berry Punch, Root Beer
    Kool-Aid Orange/Pineapple
    Kool-Aid Orange/Pineapple
    Kool-Aid Raspberry, Sunshine Punch, Swimmingo, Rainbow Punch
    Kool-Aid Sharkleberry Finn
    Kool-Aid Slush Mix
    Kraft Bacon & Tomato Dressing
    Kraft Caramel - Chocolate
    Kraft Caramels - Cappucino
    Kraft Casino French Dressing
    Kraft Chicken Applause
    Kraft Creamy Cucumber Salad Dressing
    Kraft Dill Pickles
    Kraft Fudgies
    Kraft Koogle Peanut Butter
    Kraft Mild Italian Spaghetti Dinner
    Kraft Miracle French Dressing
    Kraft Noodles and Cheese
    Kraft Oven Fry Homestyle Floured Chicken Seasoning Mix
    Kraft Presto Italian Salad Dressing
    Kraft Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise
    Kraks and Smiles Candy (Spangler)
    LaChoy Brown Gravy Sauce
    LaChoy Egg Foo Yung Dinner
    LaChoy Pepper Steak Stir Fry Mix
    Lawry's Carne Asada Seasoning Mix
    Lawry's Chicken Saute
    Lawry's Classic San Francisco Dressing
    Lawry's Dip Mixes
    Lawry's Pot Roast Seasoning
    Lawry's Red Win Vinaigrette
    Lawry's Salad Dressings
    Lawry's Season Lite Salt
    Lawry's Season Salt-Free
    Lawry's Sweet and Sour Barbecue Sauce
    Lawry's Taco Dinner Mix
    Lawry's Taco Salad Mix
    Lawry's Tarter Sauce Mix
    Lay's Crunch Tators
    Lay's Original Barbecue Chips (not KC Masterpiece)
    Leaping Lena Cherry Bar
    Libby's Chili, No Beans
    Libby's Fruit Float
    Libby's Tomato Juice
    Licorice Snaps
    Lifesaver Choc-o-late Drops
    Lifesaver Holes
    Lifesavers - Clove, Tangerine, All Sour Flavors, Cinnamon
    Lime and Chile Tostitos
    Lipton Almond Pleasure Herbal Tea
    Lipton Amaretto tea
    Lipton Beef Noodle Soup
    Lipton Chicken w/Rice Soup
    Lipton Country Vegetable Soup Mix
    Lipton Cup o' Soup - Vegetable
    Lipton Giggle Noodle Soup
    Lipton Golden Herb w/Lemon Soup
    Lipton Italian Herb w/Tomato Recipe Secrets
    Lipton Noodles 'n Sauce Romanoff
    Lipton Recipe Secrets - Kettle Creations
    Lipton Recipe Secrets - Lemon w/Herb
    Lipton Recipe Secrets Fiesta Herb
    Lipton Rich n' Sauce Asparagus w/Hollandaise
    Lipton Salsa Style Rice Mix
    Lipton Soup Secrets - Kettle Creations
    Lipton Soup Secrets Green Pea Soup
    Lipton Sunspree Flavored Teas
    Lipton Tea, Black Rum
    Little Debbie Chocolate Twins
    Little Debbie Coconut Crunch Bar
    Little Debbie Coconut Rounds
    Little Debbie Spice Cake
    Little Debbie Tiger Cakes
    Log Cabin Premium Pancake Mixes
    London Lodge Pickles
    Louise Sherry Jello
    Luck's Brunswick Stew
    M&M Dulce de Leche (caramel)
    M&M Royals
    Maalox Soft Chocolate Chews
    Macaroon Bar (Spangler)
    Malteaser Candy Bar
    Malt-o-Meal Hot Cereal - Apple Cinnamon flavor
    Marathon Bar
    Marshmallows, Chocolate
    Martha Gooch Macaroni Salad
    Maruchan Instant Lunch Ramen Noodles Tomato
    Mary Janes, Chocolate Covered
    Maxim's Freeze Dried Coffee
    Maxwell House Flavored Coffees
    McCormick Bag 'n Season Spare Ribs
    McCormick Chili Kits
    McCormick Taco Casserole Mix
    McCormicks Chow Mein Sauce Mix
    Mello Mint Bar (Luden's)
    Mennen Shave Talc
    Mentos, Spearmint
    Merkt's Cheddar Cheese Sauce
    Mike & Ike, Cherry & Bubble gum flavor
    Milani Buccaneer Salad Dressing
    Milk 'n Cookies Bar (Boyer)
    Milkshake Candy Bar
    Milky Way Lite
    Mint Juleps
    Minute Rice Flavored Mixes
    Molly McButter Sour Cream & Chive
    Molly McButter Sour Cream Dressing
    Morton’s Barbecue Sauce
    Mott’s Raspberry Applesauce
    Mr. Big Stuff Oreo Cookie
    Mrs. Butterworth's Country Best Vanilla Cinnamon Syrup
    Mrs. Butterworth's Kids Syrups
    Mrs. Crutchfield's Fat Free Cranberry Muffin Mix
    Mug-o-Lunch Mixes
    My Buddy Candy Bar
    Myers Chicken & Noodles Dinner
    Nabisco A-1 Escoffier Steak Sauce
    Nabisco Blueberry Newtons
    Nabisco Brown Edge Wafers
    Nabisco Butter Cookies
    Nabisco Cheese Tidbits
    Nabisco Chicken in a Bisquit BBQ
    Nabisco Chippers
    Nabisco Chipsters
    Nabisco Chocolate and Chocolate Chip Snaps
    Nabisco Chocolate Melodies Cereal
    Nabisco Cookie Break Cookies
    Nabisco Devil's Food Cakes
    Nabisco Dip in a Chip
    Nabisco Do Dads
    Nabisco Flings
    Nabisco Gaiety Fudge Chocolate Sandwiches
    Nabisco Giggles Vanilla Sandwich Cookies
    Nabisco Heyday Bars
    Nabisco Kettle Cookies
    Nabisco Kool Stuff
    Nabisco Marshmallow Sandwiches
    Nabisco Meal-Mates
    Nabisco Melody Cookies
    Nabisco Mr. Phipps Pretzel Chips
    Nabisco Mr. Salty Pretzels
    Nabisco Mystic Mints
    Nabisco Newtons - Apple, Cherry
    Nabisco Nutter Butter Granola Bars
    Nabisco Nutty Wheat Thins
    Nabisco Oysterette Crackers
    Nabisco Ritz Cracker Crumbs
    Nabisco Sip & Chip Snack Crackers
    Nabisco Swiss Creme Cookies
    Nabisco T.J. Bearwich Cookies
    Nabisco Team Cereal
    Nabisco Toastettes
    Nabisco Triangle Thins
    Nabisco Tuna Twist
    Nalley Microwave Chili w/Beans
    Nalley Microwave Hot Chili w/Beans
    Nalley Microwave Macaroni & Cheese
    Nalley Microwave Scalloped Potatoes and Ham
    Name Droppers Candy
    Nature Valley Granola plain, graham & granola balls
    Necco Wafters-Tart Flavor
    Neptune Codfish Cakes
    Nesbitt's Soda
    Nestle Tollhouse Treasure Baking Pieces
    Nestle's Alpine White Bar
    Nestle's Crunch Baking Pieces
    Nestle's Mini Morsels
    Nestle's Triple Decker Bar
    Nice Mice Candy
    Now & Later - Bubble Gum Flavor
    Nut Loaf Bar
    Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars Peach
    Nutri-Grain Mini's Apple Cinnamon
    Nutri-Grain Squares - Apple, Banana, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Raisin
    Nutri-Grain Twists - Banana & Strawberry, Chocolate Fudge
    Nutri-Grain Twists -S'mores, Strawberry & Blueberry
    O.J.'s Beauty Lotion
    O'Boise's Potato Chips
    OceanSpray Cran-Orange Relish
    O'Grady's Potato Chips
    OK Soda
    Old El Paso Jalapeno Pepper Relish
    Old El Paso Jalapeno Relish
    Old El Paso Tortilla Shells (in a tin)
    Old Nick Candy Bar
    Opera Cream Bar
    Orbitz Soda
    Original New York Seltzer
    Orville Redenbacher Butter Toffee Microwave Popcorn
    Orville Redenbacher Sour Cream/Onion flavored Microwave Popcorn
    Oscar Meyer Chili Dogs
    Ovaltine Sugar Free Hot Cocoa Mix
    PAL Bubble Gum
    Paloops (Reed)
    Parlay Bar (Loft's)
    Pasta Roni Broccoli & Mushroom
    Pasta Roni Romanoff
    Pastaroni Noodles Romanoff
    Patio Soda
    Payday, Chocolate covered
    PBMax Candy Bar
    PDQ Drink Mix
    Peanut Butter Frost Candy Bar
    Pearson's 7-up Bar
    Pearson's Licorice Nips
    Pep Chew Candy Bar
    Pepperidge Farms Blondies
    Pepperidge Farms Capri Cookies
    Pepperidge Farms Chicken Gravy
    Pepperidge Farms Chocolate Lace Pirouette Cookies
    Pepperidge Farms Corn & Molasses Bread
    Pepperidge Farms Irish Oatmeal Cookies
    Pepperidge Farms Molasses Crisp
    Pepperidge Farms Nassau Cookies
    Pepperidge Farms Orleans Cookies
    Pepperidge Farms Walnut Layer Cake
    Pepsi Blue
    Pepsi Crystal
    Pepsi Kona
    Pepsi Lite
    Pepsin Gum
    Peter Paul Almond Cluster
    Peter Paul Caravelle
    Peter Paul Peanut Butter, No Jelly
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese Dips - Onion, Chive, Pimento
    Pillsbury Rye & Wheat Flour, Bohemian Style
    Pillsbury Appleasy
    Pillsbury Bake Tops
    Pillsbury Boxed Frosting Mixes
    Pillsbury Fudge Jumbles
    Pillsbury Funny Face Drink Mixes
    Pillsbury Oatmeal/Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Pillsbury Oreo Brownie Bars
    Pillsbury Pie Crust Sticks
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    Pillsbury Space Food Sticks
    Pine Brothers Cough Drops - all flavors
    Pizza Spins
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    Pledge - Original scent
    Pledge - Original Scent
    Polanar All Fruit Syrup
    Pop Secret Nacho Cheese
    Pop Secret Natural Popcorn
    Poppycock Macadamia Nut
    Poppycock Maple Walnut
    Post Crispy Critters
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    Post Krinkles
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    Punch Candy
    Punch Crunch Cereal
    Purple Passion Soda
    Quake Cereal
    Quaker Crisp 'ums - all flavors
    Quaker Fruit & Oatmeal Muffin Bar - Cranberry/Orange
    Quaker Instant Oatmeal - French Vanilla
    Quaker Nilla Crunch
    Quaker Sun Country cereal
    Queen Anne Caramellos
    Queen Anne Pecan Roll
    Quik Banana - Cookies & Cream
    Quik Ready to Drink Shake
    Ragu Chicken Tonight Sauces
    Ragu Chicken Tonite
    Ragu Cooking Sauce
    Ragu Pizza Quick Crust Mix
    Ralston Cracker Jacks Cereal
    Ralston Rainbow Brite Cereal
    Ralston Shredded Cereal
    Ralston Sun Flakes
    Ralston Vanilla Cookie Crisp
    Ralston/General Mills Almond Delight Cereal
    Raspberry, Tangerine Flavored Kool-Aid
    RC Premium Draft Cola
    Red Bird Vanilla Sticks
    Reese's Crunchy Peanut Butter Cups
    Reese's Hot Mix
    Reese's Peanut Butter Cookie Cup
    Reese's Sweet & Sour Cabbage
    Reese's Tomato Marinade
    Regal Crown Sours
    Reggie Bar
    Revlon Milk + 6 Cleansing Cream
    Rex Jelly
    Rice Krispies Treats Squares - Chocolatey Peanut Butter
    Rice Krispies Treats Squares - Cinnamon Apple, Scotcheroos
    Rice-a-Roni Beef w/Mushrooms
    Rice-a-Roni Fast Cook Spanish Rice
    Rice-a-Roni Stroganoff
    Rice-a-Roni White Cheddar & Herb
    Rinkles Bar (Luden's)
    Ritter's Condiments
    Ritter's Tomato Juice
    Ritz Cracker Crumbs
    Rockwood Mints
    Roman Meal Waffles
    Royal Flush Candy Bar
    Royal No-Bake Chocolate Mint Pie Mix
    Ruffles Flavor Rush Potato Chips
    Ruffles Ranch flavor
    Russell Stover Air Mints
    Russell Stover Rosebud Mints
    Russell Stover Straws
    S & W Sardines
    S&W Mint Pears, Cinnamon Pears
    Salerno Kringles Cookies
    Sara Lee Banana Cake
    Sara Lee Chocolate Brownies
    Sara Lee Chocolate Mousse Pie
    Sara Lee Cupcakes
    Sara Lee German Chocolate Cake
    Sara Lee Harvest Spice Cake
    Sara Lee Orange Dessert cake
    Sara Lee Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes
    Sather's Cherry Baking Chips
    Schafft's Chocolate Bars
    Schweppe's Diet Raspberry Gingerale
    Sechler's Dill pickles
    Seven Seas Cheddar & Wine Dressing
    Seven Seas Creamy Italian Dressing
    Seven Seas Herb & Oil Dressing
    Seven Seas Herb & Spices Dressing
    Seven Seas Russian Dressing
    Seven Seas Thousand Island Dressing
    Seven-Up Gold Soda
    Seven-Up Gum
    Shake 'n Bake Country Mild, Southern Mild
    Shake 'n Bake for Buffalo Wings
    Shake 'N Bake for Hamburger
    Shake 'n Bake Perfect Potatos - Home Fries flavor
    Silver Cup Bread
    SIR Candy Bar
    Skippy Doubly Delicious Peanut Butters (Morsel & Crunch)
    Slice Lemon/Lime Soda
    Smooth Sailin' Candy Bar
    S'Mores Bar (Boyer)
    Snackwell Toaster Pastry
    Snackwell Yogurt
    Snackwell's Brownie Mix
    Snackwell's Cherry Streusel Swirls
    Snapple - Apple Pie
    Snapple - Natural Root Beer, Cherry-Lime Rickey, French Cherry, Melon Berry
    Snickers Peanut Butter Bar
    Snirkles Caramel Pops
    Sour Bites Candy
    Sour Cream & Onion Doritos
    Sour Dudes
    Spangler Bar
    Spangler Cocoanut Ball
    Spearmint Chiclets Gum
    Spearmint/Wintergreen Mentos
    Spice Island Green Onion
    Spice Island Oil & Vinegar
    Spice Island Seasoning Salt
    Spice Island Spaghetti Sauce Seasoning
    Spry Vegetable Shortening
    Star Bar
    Starburst Twizzlers
    Starburst, Lime
    Stella D'Oro Como Delights
    Stir and Frost Lemon Cake Mix
    Stouffer's Chicken Stuffed Shells
    Stouffer's Sausage, Biscuit & Gravy
    Sugar Mommas
    Summit Candy Bar
    Sunfuns Sunflower Seeds
    Sunkist Soda - Cherry
    Sunshine Chip A Roos Cookies
    Sunshine Cookies
    Sunshine Golden Raisin Biscuits
    Sunshine Graham Crackers – Classic Cinnamon
    Sunshine Graham Crackers – Graham Cracker Crumbs
    Sunshine Graham Crackers – Honey & Reduced Fat Chocolate
    Sunshine Hi-Ho – Cracked Pepper
    Sunshine Hi-Ho – Cracked Pepper, Whole Wheat
    Sunshine Hi-Ho – Whole Wheat
    Sunshine Hydrox Cookies
    Sunshine Krispy Crackers – Cracked Pepper
    Sunshine Lemon Rings
    Sunshine Yum-Yum Cookies
    Super Nut Bar (Luden's)
    Surge soda
    Swans Down Cake Mixes
    Swanson Chicken Stew
    Sweet Bisquick Baking Mix
    Swiss Miss Lite
    Swiss Miss Lite w/Calcium Hot Chocolate Mix
    Switzer's Licorice
    Taco Bell Black Bean Dip
    Taco Bell Pour and Simmer Sauces
    Tangy Taffy - Orange flavor
    Tear Jerkers candy
    Teddy Grahams - Vanilla
    Teem Soda
    Teem Soda
    Thomas' Date Nut Bread
    Thomas' Protein Bread
    Throat Discs
    Thumb Suckers
    Tiger's Milk Protein Drink
    Tiny Tots Candy
    Tongue Painter Gum
    Tootsie Pop Drops
    Tootsie Roll Berry (Cherry) Dots
    Tootsie Roll Pom Poms
    Trident Strawberry Breeze Gum -Fruit flavor
    Tuna Helper - Cold Tuna Salad
    TV Time Popcorn
    Twix Cookies & Cream
    Uncle Ben's Country Inn Asparagus Rice Au Gratin
    Uncle Ben's Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Rice
    Uncle Ben's Creamy Mushroom & Wild Rice
    Uncle Ben's Rice Florentine
    Uncle Ben's Stuff n' Such
    Underwood Honey Ham Spread
    Underwood Honey Ham Spread
    U-No Mint Candy Bar
    Van Camps Canned Tamales
    Vlasic Green Tomato Picallili
    Wagner's Fried Chicken Seasoning
    Waleeco Coconut Bar
    Walnut Crush
    Wax Whistles, Harmonicas
    Welch's Frappe Bar
    Whip 'n Chill
    Whiz Bar
    Wig Wag Candy Bar
    Wille Wonka Oompahs (chocolate version)
    Wille Wonka Skrunch Bar
    Williams Lectric Shave Menthol
    Williams Lectric Shave Ultra
    Willie Wonka Dinosaur Eggs
    Willie Wonka Dweebs
    Willie Wonka Punkys
    Wonka Dare Devils
    Wonka Hot & Cold Nerds
    Wonka Nerd's Gumballs
    Wonka Volcano Rocks
    Wonka Wacky Wafers
    Xploder Bar
    Yoder's Scrapple
    Yoo-hoo Chocolate bar
    York Wintergreen Patty

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    Default Re: Good but gone...

    Wow what a list. Some classics that I wish were still around and some that should have never been on the market! I really would like to see Heyday bars back, they were so good.
    and a few others.

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    Default Re: Good but gone...

    Chum Gum ? Who the heck decided on that Name. Your Fired !!! Mike : )
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    Default Re: Good but gone...

    Hey man that was the cheapest gum around and fer us po folk that was a treat as we could not afford anything more , NOW rehire him
    , Ifin ya aint been thar and dunet ,don't knock it
    These are my opinions and no body elses and you can't have them

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    Smile Re: Good but gone...

    But the Name "Chum". Isn't that fish guts they feed the Larger Fish ? Mike : )
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    Smile Re: Good but gone...

    chum gum was 1 or 2 cents a pack and flavor lasted only a few minitues.
    幸運わんわん Luckydog or Yukiwanwan in Japanese

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    Default Re: Good but gone...

    2 cents was a lot back then to us po folks , try splitten a Sugur Daddy 5 ways and not the big one or sharing a pack of Kits , Didnt know we was por till we left home , still am what the heck , but got a lot of good memories, water gravy , Shadow soup , fresh snow and milk IE canned carnation condenced milk and water for milk , pepement stick for xmas, I still put a peppermint cane on a tree for each of the famly and most dont like them but they know what they stand for , At xmas we had a big ol stick a pound or two and broke it in small pieces to eat , things like that you dont forget ,
    These are my opinions and no body elses and you can't have them

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    Default Re: Good but gone...

    BED TIME :bye: :o
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    Default Re: Good but gone...

    Ok Minnesotans, do you remeber the SevenUp bar made by Pearson? It was my favorite, but I don't see it here.

    *King Camel*DonDon King*Hanabi Hyakkei*Savanna Park*Super StarDust*Gold X*ArraKing*HyperRemix*

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    Smile Re: Good but gone...

    my little sister and i got our spare change from a factory nearby, 2 cents each for empty soda bottles we found outside

    we split about a dollar a week on those.
    幸運わんわん Luckydog or Yukiwanwan in Japanese

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    Default Re: Good but gone...

    Quote Originally Posted by d mowery
    2 cents was a lot back then to us po folks , try splitten a Sugur Daddy 5 ways and not the big one or sharing a pack of Kits , Didnt know we was por till we left home , still am what the heck , but got a lot of good memories, water gravy , Shadow soup , fresh snow and milk IE canned carnation condenced milk and water for milk , pepement stick for xmas, I still put a peppermint cane on a tree for each of the famly and most dont like them but they know what they stand for , At xmas we had a big ol stick a pound or two and broke it in small pieces to eat , things like that you dont forget ,
    Maybe we should start taking a collection up for ya Don? Send you on a nice vacation with all the gum you want.

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    Default Re: Good but gone...

    One on here I sure mis is the drink Teem! I used to go to a local resetaunt that is closed now and get it with cherry in it. Alot of people say Sierra Mist is its decendant, but i dont really think so. Anyone rememer patio, Pepsi's flavored drink line?

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    Default Re: Good but gone...

    SevenUp bar is on there...

    Pearson's 7-up Bar

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    Smile Re: Good but gone...

    Do they still make Pop Rocks & Zots Candy. I remember hearing that story about Mikey from Life Cereal blowing up his stomach with Pop Rocks. Zots were even better. Sweet Candy with a Super Sour Foaming sugar substance inside. Mike : )
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    Default Re: Good but gone...

    Duh, I looked under "seven up" and "7 up", forgot to look at Pearsons.
    Hey VGC, check here for Zots:

    and this one for Pop Rocks:

    *King Camel*DonDon King*Hanabi Hyakkei*Savanna Park*Super StarDust*Gold X*ArraKing*HyperRemix*

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    Default Re: Good but gone...

    Oh, and here's the link to the Pop Rocks Urban legend:

    *King Camel*DonDon King*Hanabi Hyakkei*Savanna Park*Super StarDust*Gold X*ArraKing*HyperRemix*

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    Smile Re: Good but gone...

    Sweet, I will have to get a case for my store. I didnt know Pop Rocks were still around. Thanks, Mike : )
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    Default Re: Good but gone...

    Pop Rocks were okay but Zots sucked. I was looking for a drink called Upper 10 and Hires Rootbeer.
    Meanwhile, somewhere in Oklahoma.

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    Default Re: Good but gone...

    Tulsa, if you go to the homepage of where I got all this info, they sell Hires Rootbeer for $3 a six pack. Looks like they have Upper 10 too. Never had it, but I sure do love Hires Root Beer, good stuff! I was actually thinking of buying a a sixer of it and Nehi Orange. Look in aisle 1 under the soft drinks section.

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    Default Re: Good but gone...

    I'll check it out, thanks Davis. Yeah, Hires Rootbeer and Upper 10 were drinks they sold in Fla. when I was a kid. I've never been able to get them in Oklahoma.
    Meanwhile, somewhere in Oklahoma.

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